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for County


Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 3

Getting to know Diane


If elected, my priorities would be in the following areas:



I will actively work to expedite efforts to create revenue for our poorly funded East Contra Costa Fire Protection District by working with the ECCFPD board, the local task force, community groups, citizens and our firefighters. I want to make sure everyone has adequate fire protection in Contra Costa County and those that are protecting us are working in safe conditins.  I will work to strengthen our Sheriff presence in unincorporated Contra Costa County and encourage crime prevention cooperation throughout the region.  We need to continue to provide for essential community services to our residents and minimizes adverse impacts to the community to prevent crime, homelessness and suicide.


I will help champion for the protection of our Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta from further degradation, environmental harm, and I will advocate for affordable and reasonable solutions that actually create water for all Californians. I will protect our openspaces and make sure we are being environmentally responsible as we grow.



Contra Costa County is still recovering from the "Great Recession".  I will continue careful oversight of the county budget to stay focused on making responsible fiscal choices, living within our means, and to plan for the future by having adequate reserves.


East County isn't seeing the economy recover as fast as other parts of the Bay Area.  I will work with local cities and the county to attract more businesses that will offer high-quality, family-wage jobs to our region. It is critical for our long-term economic vitality to work closely with our economic partners to ensure a strong and diversified local economy. I will support collaboration with our community partners in education to provide a well-educated and trained workforce for the industries we hope to attract.   I will work to support small business and find ways to encourage entrepreneurship. I will support our agricultural community and look at ways for us to capitalize on those things that make us appealling and interesting including our proximity to the Delta.

"We need her expertise on the Board of Supervisors."

Joan Buchanan

Retired California State Assemblywoman

& President of Restore the Delta

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