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Endorsing Diane

"Intelligence, Integrity & Compassion"

Mary Nejedly Piepho

Current District 3 Supervisor

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors


"We need her expertise on the Board of Supervisors.​"

Joan Buchanan

President of Restore the Delta

Former Assemblywoman 

California State Assembly 15th District 


"I support Diane Burgis for Contra Costa County Supervisor because we share the same values.  I know Diane.  She has the knowledge and experience to provide thoughtful, effective representation.  As executive director of Friends of Marsh Creek and a member of the East Bay Regional Parks Board and as a former Oakley Councilmember, Diane will protect our quality of life and stand up to special interests.  She will work tirelessly to protect the Delta and fight the construction of the twin tunnels.  We need her expertise on the Board of Supervisors."

"Leadership Experience"

Pat Anderson

City of Oakley Founder,

Former Mayor & Councilmember

"I am honored to go on record as a proud endorser of Diane Burgis for Contra Costa County Supervisor.  Her experiences as the Executive Director of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, a councilmember on the Oakley City Council and now the Ward 7 Director of East Bay Regional Park District provide her with a wide range of leadership experiences that will make her a knowledgeable and dependable leader in the capacity as a County Supervisor. "

"Honesty, Diligence & Hopeful Insight"


"Diane Burgis has a strong history of fighting to protect our water and our environment. Her leadership as head of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and as a board member of the East Bay Regional Parks District exemplifies the strong leadership needed for our region."

"Strong Leadership Needed for our Region"

Congressman Jerry McNerney 


"Intelligence, Integrity & Compassion"

"I recruited Diane Burgis to succeed me on the Board of Supervisors because she is a leader in our community who possesses intelligence, integrity and compassion. As executive director of Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed and a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board, Diane has an excellent understanding of Delta water issues and the regional experience needed to serve the constituents of this district. Diane is the most qualified person to succeed me on the Board of Supervisors.”

What other people say about Diane:

"It is my immense pleasure to endorse Diane Burgis for the position of Contra Costa County Supervisor.

Diane Burgis has worked tirelessly to bring together diverse groups for the purpose of improving our community.  Diane’s honesty, diligence, and hopeful insight into our community's challenges and needs, and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates.  I am writing today to express my support for her campaign and my intention both to vote for her in the upcoming elections and to spread word to others of the value of her policies and abilities."

Kirsten Rigsby
Executive Director

Village Community Resource Center

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