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October 19

Burgis the best choice for Contra Costa County

The Press

Diane wants to protect our waterways. She is the director of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and serves as a director of East Bay Regional Park District. Her endorsements include the greatest supporters in our tunnel fight: Jerry McNerney, Mary Piepho, Joan Buchanan and a long list of most of our elected officials. Just check out each of their websites, (to see) which officials endorse whom.

October 27

Lemyre Says Burgis Best Candidate for County Board of Supervisor


If you’d like to see an attitude of cooperation and progress at the highest level of our county government, join me in voting for Diane. Let’s see how much we can get done working together.

October 27

Writer Supports Diane Burgis for County Supervisor

Brentwood Press

I am in awe of her ability to mobilize people into achieving ambitious goals that at first seem impossible in the face of government bureaucracy. She has continued to refine these skills as an Oakley city council member and currently as an East Bay Regional Park District Board member.

October 27

Former Save Mt. Diablo executive director writes to support Burgis for Supervisor

Antioch Herald

I am confident that Diane has the unique skill set that a leader needs to balance strong fiscal discipline with our universal desire to protect our environment, invigorate and enhance our historic agricultural lands, create high paying jobs, expand transportation options to ease congestion, revitalize each of our city’s downtown areas and to strengthen the safety net for our most vulnerable neighbors..

October 25

Writer Highlights Barr’s Campaign Bought by Big Oil and Developers


September 2nd

Bipartisan Community Leaders Rally Around Diane Burgis for Supervisor

The Press

Community leaders, including Democrats, Republicans and Independents, joined together today to announce their unified support for Diane Burgis for Contra Costa County Supervisor in District Three.

August 11th

Diane Burgis Gets Public Safety Endorsement

The Press

“Diane will work hard to develop the resources our police, firefighters and prosecutors need to keep us safe,” said Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson. “As a small business owner, nonprofit manager and public official, she has proven that she can balance a budget and defend taxpayers. I endorse her with no reservations – our county needs a real leader on the board.”

August 10th

Diane Burgis Earns Endorsement of Contra Costa’s Bravest


East Bay Regional Park District Director Diane Burgis, candidate for Contra Costa County Supervisor District 3, recently received the endorsement of the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Antioch Police Officers Association, Sheriff-Coroner David Livingston and District Attorney Mark Peterson, as well as the endorsement of the Executive Board of the United Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County, Local 1230.

May 27, 2016

Retired Save Mt. Diablo Executive Director Supports Diane Burgis for Supervisor

Letter to the Editor in EastCountyToday.Net

No other candidate has the environmental leadership experience she offers.  The League of Conservation Voters and Retired Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan endorse Diane, along with numerous environmental leaders including myself.


May 25, 2016

Endorsing Burgis

Letter to the Editor in ThePress.Net

"Like so many others, I have serious concerns about our community and environment and where they will be in ten years. I have followed Diane Burgis, candidate for county supervisor, for some time. I have been the small-business owner of Horsetown, in Brentwood, and I have been involved in the agricultural industry, 4H and the county fair board.

At a time when running down other candidates might be a method to gain votes, Diane would rather use that time to talk about her ideas and plans for our area. She isn’t running to inflate her resume. She is our neighbor, her roots are here and she truly is concerned for the future of our county.


May 18, 2016

Piepho writes in support of Burgis for Supervisor

Letter to the Editor in EastCountyToday.Net

"Diane is uniquely qualified to serve on the Board of Supervisors. She is a true leader and has all of the qualities I feel are the most important to serve the citizens of District III.  Diane is a fiscal conservative; supports police and firefighters that work hard to make our communities safe; supports investment into our transportation system; she is approachable and knowledgeable; advocates to protect our Bay/Delta and our environment; and most importantly, Diane cares about you.


May 16, 2016

Letter writer supports Burgis for Supervisor

Letter to the Editor in EastCountyToday.Net

"Diane is a leader who knows how to build consensus and bring people together. Diane has the endorsement of over sixty leaders throughout the county and state, including all of the current Trustees on the EBRPD."


May 15, 2016

East Contra Costa:

Supe hopefuls want more local services

By Sam Richards, East Bay Times

“Burgis said retaining sheriff's deputies is a key issue and low pay may not be the only factor -- new hires' job assignments may be prompting some departures, too. Both need to be addressed, she said. "We need to have a strong sheriff's presence in unincorporated East County."


May 2, 2016

League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay endorse Burgis for County Supervisor

By Antioch Herald-

“Diane Burgis is committed to standing up for a clean environment,” said Beth Gunston, President of the Board of Directors of the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay.  “As executive director of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and a trustee of the East Bay Regional Park District, Diane has been fighting for clean water and open space throughout her personal and professional life.”


Mar 2, 2016

Diane Burgis receives Women Improving the Environment Award from the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame

By Antioch Herald-

Diane Burgis, a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board and Executive Director of Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed received the Women Improving the Environment Award from the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame, Tuesday night in Concord.


Mar 23, 2016

Contra Costa Democrats Endorse Supervisor Federal Glover, Split in District 3 Race

By EastCountyToday -

Meanwhile, in District 3, the endorsement became complex after the East County Democrats For Action (ECDFA) endorsed Diane Burgis last week.

According to Angel Luevano, President of the ECDFA, he confirmed the endorsement of Burgis and spoke in favor of the Contra Costa Democrats endorsing Burgis saying she was the right candidate for East Contra Costa County and District 3 to replace Supervisor Piepho who is retiring after her term is up.


Mar 22, 2016

Diane Burgis to Receive Women Improving the Environment Award from the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame

By EastCountyToday.Net-

The Board of Supervisors established the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame in October 1997 to acknowledge those exceptional, multifaceted women who have enhanced life in Contra Costa County through their careers and volunteer activities.

The honorees have made a difference through their efforts towards equity, innovation, service or achievement in commerce or community outrea


Mar 18, 2016

Sunday: Open Roads with Doug McConnell Features Marsh Creek

By EastCountyToday -

“It’s a celebration of Marsh Creek and everyone coming together to preserve this local treasure,” says Diane Burgis, executive director of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed. “It was great to show Doug McConnell the area and all the partners working together to preserve, protect and promote Marsh Creek.”

Link to Open Road with Doug McConnell Episode Featuring Marsh Creek


Mar 15, 2016

Contra Costans to be inducted into Women's Hall of Fame

By Trine Gallegos For the Contra Costa Times

The Contra Costa Commission for Women will pay tribute to a dozen advocates for their roles in promoting sisterhood.

Set for March 24, the 13th Women's Hall of Fame will honor in the category of Women Improving the Environment category, it's Diane Burgis, Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed executive director (Oakley).



Mar 8, 2016

Diane Burgis Talks Supervisor Race, Hopes to “Build Up” Contra Costa County

By EastCountyToday -

East Bay Regional Park District Trustee and Former Oakley City Councilwoman Diane Burgis announced her intention to run for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District 3 this past December shortly after Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho announced that she would retire at the end of her term after serving on the Board of Supervisors since 2004. Piepho has endorsed Burgis.



Good Neighbors by Faith Barnidge: Women's Hall of Fame nominees

By Faith Barnidge Columnist

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors established the Contra Costa Women's Hall of Fame in 1997, under the sponsorship of Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier and the Women's Advisory Committee, now known as the Contra Costa Commission for Women, to acknowledge exceptional women who have enhanced life in Contra Costa County through their careers and volunteer activities. Honorees have made a difference through their efforts toward equity, innovation, service or achievement in commerce or community outreach.


Jan 12, 2016

Diane Burgis, Vanessa Perry Recognized for Efforts to Combat Suicide in Contra Costa

By EastCountyToday -

OAKLEY, CA – At today’s meeting of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, Diane Burgis, the Contra Costa Crisis Center and Safekeepers were given a resolution in recognition of their work to combat suicide in Oakley.


December 22, 2015

Recruited by Piepho, Diane Burgis to run for County Supervisor in District 3

By Antioch Herald-

Today, Tuesday, December 22, 2015, Diane Burgis, an East Bay Regional Parks District Trustee, representing Antioch and other parts of East County, announced her candidacy for Contra Costa County Supervisor in District 3.

“New opportunities sometimes come when you least expect them,” said Diane Burgis.  “After discussion with my children, Supervisor Mary Piepho and supporters, I have decided to run for Supervisor.”



Dec 22, 2015

Diane Burgis to Run for County Supervisor, Endorsed by Supervisor Piepho

By EastCountyToday -

Today, Diane Burgis, a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board, announced her candidacy for Contra Costa County Supervisor, District III. The move comes after Monday’s decision by Supervisor Mary Piepho who has decided to retire at the end of her term after more than a decade of holding the seat.


November 25, 2014

Oakley suicide prevention workshop teaches participants what to look for

By Katrina Cameron Contra Costa Times

Residents came together at a city-sponsored workshop Thursday night to learn how to prevent suicide in their community.The suicide prevention and intervention workshop was co-hosted by the city and the Contra Costa Crisis Center in response to recent suicides, Councilwoman Diane Burgis said.


November 29, 2014

A Creek Runs Through Us

By Diane Burgis 110 Degree Magazine

Environmental restoration and protection is an idea whose time has come. People are beginning to embrace the reality that preserving wildlife habitat must be a core value because at some fundamental level we realized that our success in doing so is ultimately connected to our own preservation as a species on this planet.


Aug 28, 2014

Williams’ death casts light on local issue

 By Amy Schrader Brentwood Press

“My goal is to provide resources to get people the help they need,” said Oakley Councilwoman Diane Burgis. “I would like there to be more conversations and information going out to help break down the stigma so that people aren’t afraid or embarrassed to get help.”


May 29, 2014

Oakley suicides spur councilwoman to action

By Rowena Coetsee Contra Costa Times 

An Oakley councilwoman's concern about the number of suicides that have occurred in the city this year has brought community leaders together to spread a message of hope: Help is available.


January 26, 2014

Oakley neighbors come together virtually during ordeal that leaves them homebound

Contra Costa Times 

"A lot of people were needing to get to each other and had concerns. That's the beauty of social media. It can help people to be not quite as scared," Burgis said. "This is a community. We take care of each other."


Jun 13, 2013

Nonprofits network at roundtable discussion

By Samie Hartley- Brentwood Press

Local nonprofit representatives assembled at Oakley City Hall on Monday for the third installment of the Nonprofit Roundtable series hosted by Councilmember Diane Burgis. Burgis is the executive director of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, so she knows a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful nonprofit, and she understands the challenges of doing good in the community. The Nonprofit Roundtable series is a way for local nonprofit representatives to network and learn from each other’s failures and successes.


Mar 28, 2013

Councilwoman Burgis Joins Delta Protection Commission

By EastCountyToday -

Kudos go out tonight to Oakley Councilwoman Diane Burgis who was sworn in to the Delta Protection Commission in Stockton tonight. This is a great thing for not only the Delta, but for Contra Costa County.


Contra Costa has an “A” team fighting for the Delta as Burgis will join Senator Mark DeSaulnier, Assemblyman Jim Frazier, and Supervisor Mary Piepho.



Oakley teen continues to beat medical odds

By Hannah Dreier  Contra Costa Times

Living with tumors that permeate his body has made 13-year-old Sam Burgis a master at adaptation. The Oakley resident has a hard time writing, so he draws and paints to express himself. He has trouble balancing, so instead of riding dirt bikes with his two brothers, they play video games.



Spring 2003

The Little Things That Made A Big Difference

By Diane Burgis - Handprints Childrens Hospital Oakland- Page 5

I HAVE THREE BEAUTIFUL BOYS, each very different and yet so similar. Each day with them is a genuine gift, and I savor the privilege of being their mom. I’ve felt that way from the first moments of my pregnancies, and even more so after November 1994.